An Impressive Smartphone

Lastly providing that fashionable mobile phone style to your cellphone, the 3S Smart Archos Phone is super-thin at only 9mm and ultra-light at only 90 h.

Always keep in touch

Presenting a 3.5 in. simple touch, full color screen, the 3S Smart Archos Phone uses a edition of the easy-to-use Managing system Managing System used on mobile phone devices, gently customized to handle standard residential calls either though the mobile as normal or on phone thanks to the highly effective back speaker.

CPU Dual Core Technology

To give you the special possible experience, your 3S Smart Archos Phone characteristics two processor chips working side in side. The DSPG processor addresses DECT characteristics and methods, while the OMAP3 processor covers Android.

Detachable base for Wireless

Thanks to its individual wifi platform the 3S Smart Archos Cellphone can sit wherever you want at home. No need for the device to sit next to the device socket; just connect in the wifi platform and the device and receiving hold can be wherever you want them to be.

Any amount of phone addresses you can carry

With the 3S Smart Archos Cellphone, you are going to never need to fear about going out of place for your contacts; there can be place for thousands of them and not only name and one variety, but get in touch with and several number and get in touch with them too. And dealing with all these connections is simple as you can import them from your online address book.

Title contact and picture screening

Just like the best smartphones on the market, the 3S Smart Archos Home Cellphone reveals call name and number, but also picture from your contact number. And so that you can know who’s calling by sound alone, you can add customized MP3 ringtunes for your connections. And as there is 8GB of storage place, there can be a lot of place for a tune for each get in touch with.

Electronic mail & messaging

As it’s a smart-phone, the ARCHOS Smart House Cellphone provides you a easy to set up contact customer. Using the home Wi-Fi relationship, you can check out and create your messages, and thanks to devoted programs you can even do instant messaging

Android operating system Applications

Even if you need to check the most recent news and climate conditions or chat in your social system, there are Android applications for you each if in the dozens of applications that we have installed from the factory for you or in the tens of thousands obtainable to download.

Calling and Playing games at the same time

In recognition to the OMAP3 processor with OpenGL 2.0 care for, the ARCHOS Smart Home Cellphone is capable to execute full 3D games. Just the thing to wipe out some aliens while awaiting that contact as Android will instantaneously swap you to the phone when the calling person’s number comes on the screen.

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