10 Beautiful Examples of Product Packaging


You can’t judge a book by a cover; or so they say. In truth, don’t we all judge books by their covers? And don’t we, when given a choice, tend to choose a product that has packaging that catches the eye? Here are 10 examples of just such packages:

1.Bzza Honey

This interesting take on eco-friendly packaging is a hit, though the honey is purportedly difficult to find. A traditional glass jar of honey is encased in a wooden bee “hive” with a simple logo on the center of the hive.

2.Nusa Soups

The award-winning design of this packaging is absolutely amazing. Each cup of soup is nestled in heat-resistant cardboard, but the designers took the packaging concept one step further. Each soup container appears to be dressed in its own sweater; just what’s needed on a cold, winter day.

3.No Frizz

The packaging, designed by Wolff Olins, is beautiful in its simplicity. According to Executive Creative Director, MIT scientists were part of the team behind the concept. The bottles are a lovely gray and white and very simple in their wording. The look is clean and sleek, exactly what you’d expect from an anti-frizz product.


Absolut Vodka is known for its interesting, gorgeous bottles. The Flavor of the Tropics offering is no exception to what has become the rule. The graphics on the bottle are done in bright hues of red, orange, yellow and green, in the shape of a world map. Look for a bottle in your local liquor store; you’ll find it difficult to tear your eyes away.


Have you seen an Izze commercial? No? Have you seen a print ad featuring Izze? No? You aren’t alone. Over the company’s first two years, the sale of the sparkling fruit juices grew by 450 percent each year. The key to the company’s success? Their trendy glass bottles with bright colors and Caslon asterisk.


If you didn’t know that pet food bags and labels were designed for humans, you heard it here first. Merrick took their Before Grain, or B.G., line of food to another level with the ultra-cool packaging design. Based on the new school pyramid of old school nutrition, the typography on the labels forms an upside down pyramid.


If you don’t use Method products now, you may be using them in the future. This eco-friendly cleaning and beauty supply company is gaining steam quicker than anyone expected. The clean lines of the packaging and typography draw the eye and let consumers know in a glance that they’re looking at a simple, safe cleaner; even if the bottles don’t physically say so.

8.Origami Beer

Can’t keep your hands still while you’re belly-up to the bar? You aren’t alone. More people than not get a bit fidgety and start peeling the labels off of their beer bottles. Origami Beer has designed a label that you don’t just peel off, but shape into a beautiful piece of art work.


Have you ever wondered if that watch you just bought is really waterproof? You don’t have to wonder if you buy certain models of Festina watches. These watches are sold; get ready for this, in clear bags filled with distilled water. The kicker? The watches are floating in the water, proving that what the company says is true: These watches are waterproof.

10.City Harvest

You may never have thought of a shopping bag as being beautiful, but City Harvest of New York City designed a bag that is both beautiful and functional. The paper sack features a clear window in the shape of a stomach. As you fill your bag, you fill the stomach. The message is clear.

Packaging that catches the eye is more likely to result in the purchase of a product. The 10 examples above are just that: examples. The next time you’re at the store, pay close attention to the items you choose. Are you as drawn to gorgeous packaging as marketers think you are?

Stacy Hilliard not only writes but is working on an online MBA in marketing as a career change.

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