5 New Features Of Windows 8


Windows 8 is the yet to be released operating system from Microsoft. Touted as their best one yet and even referred to as the next revolution.

The new features include:

New start screen

Perhaps the most notable feature once an individual logs into the computer system. It is a tile based start screen. It replaces the old start menu. This new feature seems to borrow a lot from the tile interface of the platform on Microsoft’s Windows phone 7. The Tile based arrangement displays different metro style apps. These apps display live information, for example, weather information, internet browser, photos. The main advantage is that it is customizable and can be scaled to an individual’s size preference. The apps also display information without running. The design is for touch but can as well work with a mouse and a keyboard.

Windows To Go

This feature referred to as portability. It allows users to make a copy of their operating system with their individual settings, files, wallpapers and apps into a USB drive. The drive can be inserted in another machine with Windows 8 installed, boot up the PC and made to look like your personal OS.

These features increases convenience furthermore, all settings will be the same. Such a feature offers a mechanism for roll back in case of a system breakdown or virus infection. The owner does not need to worry about data loss. Users do not have to carry their personal computers everywhere because they can save their entire work on a drive. This is profound and ground breaking.

Windows live syncing is similar to Windows to go. It enables users to login with their Live ID on any Windows 8 PC and use their personalized settings. The desktop looks the same every time the user accesses it.

USB 3.0 support

USB 3.0 runs at a much faster speed than the current USB 2.0. Windows 8 comes already installed with USB 3.0 drivers.

USB 3.0, expected to be standard in the next couple of years. Therefore, Windows 8 comes better prepared and pre-configured for the new standard. Although USB 3.0 currently supported on Windows 7, it requires the installation of drivers.

Multiple screen support

The developers preview of Windows 8 showed capabilities of extending the task bar across multiple PCs without any need for installing other software. Wallpaper can also be extended across multiple screens, for example; the desktop can be displayed on one PC and the start screen on another. This is a remarkable feat.

Switching between these multiple screens is also easy. This is because the primary screen contains the start button while, the secondary monitor has the switcher button. Switching between the screens can be done by tapping on the switcher button.

Windows 8 Control panel

There is a new design in the control panel for Windows 8. New options are added. These include; share, privacy, Personalize, Notifications, search and Wireless.
With the new metro style apps, the personalization menu will come in handy because users will be able to customize the start menu with different tiles.
These Metro apps will be able to be repositioned and also combining them into categories such as friends, family and games.

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