5 Reasons You Should Post a Video About a Product You Like


Do you like a particular product and don’t know how to bring information about it across to your friends and others? No need to panic and worry, here are some tips to help you get the words out to your family and friends.

1. You probably know that the majority of people are a visual or an auditory type, or both. But in my experience we are mainly visual, which means that our mind and memory are boosted the most when seeing a photograph or even better a moving picture. Here’s where the video comes in. You have far better chance of getting a friend, or any visitor to your website for that matter, interested in a particular product, if you show them a video of the product at hand. This video will probably sparkle greater interest than you simply telling let’s say your friend about your product.

2. Another aspect in favour of posting a video about a product would be, that if you start describing that particular product to your friend or even “worse”, to an unknown potential customer, you will most likely lose their attention and with that their willingness of buying that product, in a split second. Because using only a description of a product, won’t make them believe you what an amazing product you are selling but they would probably get bored and move on. But if you show them a video, they will surely pay more attention to a video than to you blabbering about some “stupid product”.

3. If you decide to post a video advertising a product you like, and you are not selling it, but you are rather just promoting it, you can think about getting in touch with the seller and asking for commission to any sales made on the basis of the video you posted. Meaning, if you suggest visitors to your site, who watched the video about the product you are advertizing, click the link to the seller’s website, and where they will be able to buy that product. You can yourself earn a hefty commission by sending potential customers to that seller’s website. Think about that! No cost for you!

Post a Video About a Product4. If you decide to make a video of your own, talking about a particular product you like, you can once again ask the seller for a percentage commission, because without that you will be making a free advertisement for the product. And people do like a personal touch, when they are thinking of buying something new. Just think about it, wouldn’t you prefer to hear from an “ordinary” person who already bought the product you are thinking of buying, and sharing his or her personal experience about the product, rather than hearing it from a previously scripted commercial for that same product?

5. If you are posting a video about a product you like, beware not to be talking or putting in the forefront only the positive aspects of the product, because nothing is perfect, anything can always be made better. Remember that! Your visitors will cherish your honest review of the product, so don’t forget to expose the positive and the negative sides of the product. If you’ll do that, you will succeed in posting a successful review of a product you like.

If you really want to get the word out about products that you like/dislike, videos are the best way to go–they get people’s attention, and they are fun to make.

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