8 Low Cost Sauces


There are plenty of sauces to choose from. When shopping for a family favourite or one which hasn’t been tried before, there are many to choose from which don’t cost a lot of money. By choosing a supplier that has a huge catalogue, every sauce that’s required can be added to an order. So, what options are there?


As ketchup is very popular, there are many which are made by leading brands that come with a low price. Tomato ketchup which has an original flavour can be purchased and also those that have been modified. For example, many manufacturers make ketchup that is very spicy or can be used at barbeques.


Having accompanied a wide range of dishes for more than a century, mayonnaise is one of the cheapest options around because a large jar of mayonnaise can be purchased for a reasonable price from any mayonnaise suppliers. A low fat variation of mayonnaise can also be bought for roughly the same price.

Pasta sauce

After boiling dried pasta, sauce can be added. Available in a variety of flavours such as tomato and basil, pasta sauce can even have chunks of vegetables such as peppers and onions.


There are many variations of mustard. Along with French and wholegrain mustard, a jar of English mustard can also be purchased which won’t break the bank.

Blue cheese dressing

When tomatoes, celery, cucumber and lettuce have been chopped up, blue cheese dressing can then be added. This rich sauce has a succulent taste and can compliment any salad. Blue cheese dressing can be purchased in a variety of flavours which can help a salad to taste even better.

Salad cream

Not only can blue cheese dressing be poured over a salad but also salad cream. With a tangy flavour, salad cream has a unique taste and is perfect to add to a salad that contains a considerable number of tomatoes. As there are many salad cream manufacturers around, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to purchase a massive bottle.


Although gravy can be made from scratch by using meat juices, gravy granules can be picked instead. By adding hot water from a kettle to a measuring jug that contains several spoonful’s of gravy granules, it can be served soon after. As with salad cream and tomato ketchup, there are plenty of companies that make gravy granules. By choosing a sauce supplier that has a wide range of low cost gravy granules in a variety of flavours, many different products can be added to the same order without exceeding a budget.

Barbeque sauce

As its name suggests, barbeque sauce can be added to meat and other food which is cooked outside on a barbeque grill. This is the tip of the iceberg because barbeque sauce can also be added to steak, chicken and pork that are cooked in an oven. As sauces such as this are incredibly versatile, it is little wonder that they are very popular. Barbeque sauce also comes with an affordable price tag and a supplier typically has a variety of flavours for their customers to pick from.

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