5 Great Personal Finance Management Apps For Your iPhone


Technology is making your life easier, whether you care to admit it or not. Your alarm clock wakes you in the morning. The more advanced it is, the more features it will have to get you started on your daily routine much faster. You probably have a regulator that will make sure the water you shower with is neither too cold nor hot. You use your electric shaver or blow dryer, whichever applies, to get yourself looking good, and then you take your coffee, prepared by your coffee maker. Imagine all that technology and you have not even gotten out of the house yet!

If you know how to manipulate technology to work in your favor then you have almost got it made. Everything can become so much simpler with just the right gadgets and apps, even your personal finance matters. Look at these great iPhone apps that are sure help you in keeping track of your personal accounts and staying ahead of your bill payments. You no longer need to run to your banker for every little thing!


This app is designed to help you stay on top of your finances effectively. It includes a budgeting function, which is simple and easy to use, having subcategories that you can choose to include or remove from your budget. It also allows any surplus from the previous month’s budget to automatically roll over to the next month, pretty neat trick!

It has a budget tracker tool to keep you in check with your expenses and offers extensive reporting services and a built in register. This app can be gotten for $2.99.


This is an expenditure-tracking app that includes cloud synchronizing. It immediately syncs online any information that is keyed into it for free, meaning you never have to worry about losing all your financial records. The app also has a well thought out design and supports multiple users so it is great for family budgets. It also features importing capabilities to excel and other computer software. The best thing about it is that it is free.

Money book

This is a budgeting app with lots of impressive features. It is quite simple to use, and entering a new transaction is as easy as can be. It even gives you the option to categorize the entry or add a quick note about it.

The app has a password system that allows you to protect personal information and automatically stores your information on the net. This means that you do not lose it should you lose your phone and is a great comfort to those who want their information stored elsewhere rather than on the phone. It goes for $2.99.


This budgeting app is indispensable, especially for its attention to detail. It allows you to create your personal budget and has the option of you taking a photo of the item or adding a short note about it where it has not been provided for in the subcategories.

The app also keeps track of every transaction, helping you stay on course with your budget. Not only that, it has a currency convertor with an extensive list of all the major currencies allowing you to easily keep track of your expenses while in another country on vacation or on a business trip. For $1.99, you can purchase this app for your phone.


This might well be the ultimate all rounded finance management app. It is great for budget tracking; it securely links directly to your bank account and updates itself on your spending without any input at all from you, and not only that but it also categorizes it.

It gives you the option to have a full overview of your spending and saving habits by allowing you to add information on your other accounts such as your savings account, your current account and even retirement account. The app notifies you of any pending bill and even warns you when you come close to the spending limit you had set for yourself.

It can also help in security measures as it promptly notifies you of any suspicious transactions. Moreover, with all these capabilities, this app is absolutely free!

Nick Thomas is a finance expert and consultant. He gives financial advice though his website and recommends the use of Top personal finance apps for managing your finances.

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