8 Ways To Guarantee A Happy Team At Work


The employment sector is an increasingly competitive one; not only for job hunters but for employers as well. While people looking for a job or new career come up against fierce competition from fellow candidates, companies are also trying to out-do their competition in order to hire the best talent. There are a number of things an employer can do to ensure they attract the right candidates.

Encourage Communication

Communication in business is important. Employers should ensure there are clear and open communication lines throughout the organisation. This should include regular dialogue between management and staff, appropriate feedback, clear definition of job roles and responsibilities and organisational goals. Job seekers are more likely to be attracted to an organisation that exhibits a culture of good communication.


New recruits need strong leadership to ensure they make a good fit with company culture. A mentor or manager that shows good leadership skills can provide a new employee with confidence to perform their own role as required. In addition to providing direction, business leaders can be influential and supportive.

Establish Teams

Good employers tend to encourage a culture of teamwork. In this type of organisation there is often a stronger support network, which is crucial to new employees. Working in teams contributes to effectively delivering on company goals, which can result in good morale amongst team members. For anyone starting a new job, it can be an anxious time. Team work ensures new recruits are made to feel part of the organisation at a very early stage.


Employers that are capable of employee motivation tend to retain their employees for longer. Motivated employees experience job satisfaction, which in turn, results in a more productive workforce. Companies often use rewards for motivation; for example, bonus schemes, time off, compensation and recognising good performance.

Respect Employees

Employers who respect their workers are also more likely to have a happy workforce. Managers should treat their staff the way they would want to be treated. Employees treated with respect will follow direction from management with more commitment.

Invest in Employee Development

Nurturing and developing your employees’ talents will not only benefit the company from an operational point of view; it will also benefit the employee. By developing their skills, employees are provided with opportunities to progress their careers. This is an attractive option for people looking for jobs with companies that invest in their staff. An example of this could be promotion from legal clerk to employment lawyer. In this instance, an individual may be sponsored by their law firm to undertake a degree in law, thus progressing from administrative duties as a clerk to the appointment of lawyer.

Encourage a social Atmosphere in the Workplace

There must be a balance between hard work and social activity in every work place. If people are driven to work hard all day, it may result in increased absences and a rebellion from staff. If management encourage a social environment where employees feel they can chat, share a joke and enjoy a lighter side to the working day, they are more likely to enjoy being at work and will perform better.

Be patient

Good employers are tolerant and understanding towards employees’ strengths and limitations. Sometimes not everything goes to plan and as a result, employers have to deal with business pressures that require patience and a positive attitude. Job seekers are more likely to be attracted to this type of employer.

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