5 Cloud Apps Employees Love


Modern professionals have long recognized the value of cloud computing and the variety of file management apps offered online. In an increasingly mobile world it has become a real challenge to maintain efficient communication and document management across all the work PCs, home PCs, smartphones and tablets an average employee actively uses. Thousands of digital documents and contacts in a form of files and folders are now practically impossible to manage without appropriate cloud based solutions.

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Now that the era of printed documents and paper notes is over, every professional needs to make use of online solutions. Cloud apps are usually very intuitive and easy to use which makes them a must for everyone in search of a good file management solution.

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Few years ago Dropbox had made a revolution enabling easy storing and sharing of all kinds of digital files. Now with more than 50 millions of users, Dropbox is an app with a special place in every employee’s smartphone or a computer. Dropbox enables advanced file syncing and sharing, thus making it easier for employees to have a constant access to their documents and collaborators. Sharing via Drobpox facilitated and improved business communication between employees, contributing to their overall productivity. Dropbox is easy to install and use which is why it is recommendable for any professional to try it out.

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When it comes to note-taking, Evernote is the leader in the cloud computing world. It enables storing, sharing and organizing digital notes. Where it’s inappropriate or impossible to use a keybord, Evernote allows storing short record voice memos, ‘ink’ notes, sketches and even pictures. All these can be synced across different devices and shared with the people you choose. Evernote keeps important massages exactly where they need to be and is always there in case of emergency. This way of taking and organizing notes is particularly handy for contemporary business habits and it has made Evernote an irreplaceable app for any employee.

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Team collaboration has never been as easy as in Google Docs. It may be said that Google Docs have reformed professional collaboration enabling real-time editing and easy document sharing. They are a handy tool for anyone

collaborating with geographically distant team workers. Easy file-sharing and document control have eliminated the need for constant e-mailing and updating different documents. Google Docs enable several people to work on a single document at the same time which greatly enhanced employee productivity.


The most advanced CRM solution resides in cloud and helps thousands of companies to easily stay in touch with their prospects. Salesforce.com integrates all the customers’ profiles and contacts and enables easy communication with them. It offers a comprehensive, yet a simple to use and intuitive interface, thus allowing maximum productivity and great results. Though it may appear difficult to install and use, this app is an excellent tool for a one-man business to improve their sales and promotion.


For years now Box holds a reputation of the best enterprise oriented cloud storage solution. It offers advanced sharing and collaboration features enabling easy document management in teams. Apparently, businesses love Box and managers are usually ready to invest in premium solutions offered by this company. Many employees have already got used to the excellent features Box offers and are ready to use it both professionally and privately.

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