Why You May Want To Consider Private Medical Cover


Health care options in the UK are diverse, making the decision between private and state care tough for those who live here. While the amount you stand to benefit from private medical cover is something that is sure to be dependent on the state of your health at the time of your move, signing up for cover is undoubtedly something worth looking into.

While the UK is fortunate enough to have one of the world’s most advanced and comprehensive national health services, this does not outweigh the benefits of private cover. Sometimes, there’s no safer option than to go private, and seeking the cover to allow you to do so is just one necessary step along the way.

Here, we take a look at a number of reasons why private medical insurance could work to your advantage if you’re moving to the UK.


The United Kingdom is and always has been a welcoming country that makes fair allowances for those who wish to re-locate. That said, access to the NHS is not something that visitors can gain immediately upon arrival. The ability to gain health care that is free of charge does not depend on your nationality but rather on the length and purpose of your stay in the UK.

Those who are not yet able to take advantage of the NHS will be liable to pay a fee for most of the health care they require. But when your health deteriorates, often unexpectedly, it is reassuring to know that you will be able to be treated by a doctor and often without too long a waiting time, no matter where you are coming from.

Superior Health Care Experience

Regardless of their eligibility to receive services from the NHS, there are a large number of people in the UK who choose to make use of private hospitals. While the bills can be costly, customers are generally treated in more luxurious hospitals with better food and considerably shorter waiting lists.

There are many people in the UK who find NHS hospitals to be too rushed, unclean and, ultimately, too stressful an environment due to the volume of people and the ratio of patients to staff. The private sector, however, doesn’t have the tight budget of the National Health Service, allowing their staff to take the time to address the needs of each individual patient.

Access to Alternative Treatments

As the National Health Service is funded by the taxpayer, the services they provide must be pre-approved. This is where the private sector sets itself apart – in the variety of treatment options. When it comes to operations such as hip replacements at the Circle Partnership, the customer will have the chance to discuss the replacement hip in great detail with their health care professionals. Customers will also have the ability to try some alternative therapies which are not offered on the NHS, ensuring they get the quality of care that they both want and deserve.

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