5 Great Websites to Help You Save Money on Car Restoration


Looking to save a little cash on that restoration project? Almost every car restoration job goes over budget at least somewhere, and figuring out exactly where you can cut corners is an absolute must in many cases, especially if you want to make money in the long run from your project. Fortunately, these websites can help.

http://www.lelandwest.com/restoring-your-classic-car.cfm – This may be an insurance site, but it has some fantastic information on board that’s going to help you save some cash, particularly if this is your first restoration project. From wonderful guides that detail various restoration aspects to connections with other great sites from both professionals and hobbyists, this is a mecca of information that will help you avoid any serious mistakes during the restoration process. Here you’ll find articles about converting your classic to run on biodiesel as well as tips on creating art cars and more.

http://www.secondchancegarage.com/ – Second Chance Garage is easily one of the most well-known sites in the world of car restoration, and with good reason. They’ve spent the past ten years building a huge database of articles, lots of engine specs, and photos you wouldn’t believe. They also have a discussion board where you can connect with others so you can ask any questions you have about your restoration, trade parts with other hobbyists like yourself, or even submit photos of your car to show it off and advertise it in the long run. There are product reviews, too, which could help you better decide which tools and supplies to buy so you can save a bit of money in your budget here and there. There’s even a pick of the week so you can get a look at some amazing cars if you’re searching for that next restoration project.

http://www.oldclassiccar.co.uk/- Any time you undertake a restoration project, one thing that is going to save you some serious cash is a little good advice, and this site has it. Based out of the UK, you won’t find every car listed here, but the ones you’ll find the commenters discussing are amazing. From steam-powered vehicles to classic trucks, this site has more information and more informed guests than you’ll find anywhere else. You can even browse their “For Sale and Wanted” section to find parts, a new beater, and lots of other amazing discoveries.

http://www.paintforcars.com/ – One of your biggest expenses will be the car paints themselves, and this site is certain to save you some cash there. With a complete selection of both paint and the supplies you need to tackle that job, this is the way to get cheaper paint without actually skimping on the job. There’s even a helpful FAQ section to make sure you get the job done right the very first time. With both an 800 number to call, a rare treat these days, and a way to contact them via email if you happen to have any questions, this is the way to create a little extra room in your paint budget with your next project.

http://www.classicdiscountparts.com/ – Parts are just as necessary for the car as paint is, and this site is one way to save some money in that arena. When undertaking a BMW restoration project, it is possible to discover cost-effective BMW oil cooler parts and other essential components from trustworthy online retailers. This ensures convenient access to the required parts while maintaining your budgetary constraints.
In business since 2008, they carry some of the highest quality stuff in the business, and their fast shipping is almost legendary. The site has a handy search feature or you can find what you need by browsing categories that are primarily organized by manufacturer. You can also create a wish list and save it so you know what to do with that big bonus check from work as soon as you get it.

There are many great sites online that will help you restore that classic car and save money at the same time. A bit of research will ensure you uncover all of them.

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