10 Crucial Steps Following a Car Collision


I was recently in a car accident and by following these 10 steps after my accident, everything turned out okay. I made sure that everyone was okay and then gathered all the details of the accident.

1. Stay Calm

This is the most important step. My first reaction was to panic, but I forced myself to calm down and take some deep breaths. I tried to remind myself that if I don’t remain calm that I will probably forget some vital information that I will need later.

2. Check Everyone Involved for Injuries

The very next thing that I did was to do a quick assessment of my body. There was no blood, I could move my head and neck normally and my arms and legs were working normally. The next thing I did was to check on my passenger. She appeared to be okay as well, so I got out of the car to go check on the passengers of the other vehicle. They also appeared to be okay. I was careful not to discuss the accident with the occupants of the other vehicle and did not discuss blame or liability with them. I simply asked if they were okay or if they needed medical attention.

3. Call Emergency Personnel

My accident was a fairly minor one, so no ambulance was needed. I still called 911 to report the accident and to request that a police officer come out and fill out a police report. Even though the collision appears minor, I could have back or neck pain the next day and it may be important to have that police report later.

4. Take Photographs

I always make sure I have a camera in my car so that I have it with me in case of an accident. I took pictures of both vehicles damage so that I would have them for future reference. I took a photo of the other party’s license plate so you I had it if I need it later on. I also took pictures of the road and the road signs from both directions. These photos may come in handy if there are any discrepancies in the police report or for any future law suits.

5. Obtain Contact Information for all Parties

I made sure that I got contact information for the other driver. I also asked them if they owned the vehicle. They said no, so I also asked for the owner’s contact information as well. I asked for insurance information for both the owner and the driver. I also asked them for their cell phone number so I can contact them if I need further information. There were a couple of witnesses and I also obtained their information.

6. Stay at the Scene

I stayed at the scene of the accident until the police came and finished their report.

7. Comply with Police Instructions

I followed all instructions from the police. I also made sure that the police had my description of the accident noted on the police report. To discover more about interacting with the police after an accident, visit this website: https://colonialsun.com/

8. Record All Details of the Accident

I keep a little notebook in my glove compartment in case I am involved in an accident. I wrote down all details of the accident for future reference.

9. Notify Your Insurance Company or Agent of the Accident

As soon as the police left the scene, I contacted my Agent and gave them all the details I had gathered.

10. Contact an attorney to Discuss the Accident

The day after the accident, my neck and back were starting to hurt. I made an appointment to discuss the accident with my attorney.

If you are involved in an accident, follow all the steps that I have listed above, and you will have all the details you need for your agent or attorney.

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