5 Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen


Instead of spending a fortune on designing your new kitchen take a more conservative approach. Using your creativity can save you money and considerable time in remodeling your kitchen. Shop for bargains and think strategically to spend less money while designing your living space to your liking. Doing strict due diligence helps you to cut costs and discover the most effective ways to spruce up the room. Each little adjustment adds up during the process of a lengthy, in-depth kitchen remodeling so by paying attention to details you can place a considerably lighter strain on your wallet.

Hunt for Bargains

Looking for new appliances during the early fall season can help penny pinchers. Last year’s models need to move before the latest and greatest appliance models take center stage. Buying dented or scratched appliances can save you money but make sure the imperfections are not structural. Buy floor models to save money and space around your home. We all know the box becomes a dust collector. If you are buying cabinets search for dealers who offer services such as planning your layout or measuring your kitchen for free.

Gut Your Kitchen with Care

Keep a bucket around if you are disconnecting any water lines to the sink. Avoid making a mess by catching any leftover water. Knock out tiny holes in a dry wall with a smaller hammer before finishing your work with a sledgehammer. This helps you to check for any plumbing or electrical located behind the wall. Install a box fan to remove dust particles. Preserve your cabinets by unscrewing and removing them. Skip the sledgehammer approach if you want to sell your cabinets at a garage sale or use them at a later date.

Hang Your Cabinets Mindfully

Mark the position for your wall cabinets by using a pencil, level and tape measure. Eye balling the coordinates simply leads to a shoddy job. Take out cabinet drawers and doors during installation. Prevent damage and make your installation easier. Start by installing the upper cabinets. Place holes in the back of cabinets for water lines trace cut outs for electrical boxes with lipstick to create a suitable fit. Secure cabinets to wall studs. If your cabinet is fastened to only a single stud use a toggle bolt to safely secure in place.

Increase Efficiency

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. Lose the idea that you need the latest and greatest, super-sized appliances along with an extra addition to your kitchen as part of the remodeling. Equip your kitchen for maximum utility and reorganize to make efficient use of your space. Use pullout drawers instead of shelves to save space. Save yourself money and space by intelligently planning out your kitchen makeover.

Enhance Natural Lighting without Adding Windows

Purchase a light tube which augments natural lighting instead of cutting out room for windows. Using a less expensive alternative than creating new windows can help you to add light to your kitchen without using the more invasive approach.

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