5 Study Tips for Online College Students


Online students need laser like focus to retain soak up their online studies effectively. Your cell phone, the latest news and a particularly insistent buddy might scream at your attention during your online studies but you must let go these distractions and get back to business. Lose poor study habits to make room for new and improved, success-promoting online study habits to ace your online course, land your dream job or start your dream business.

Set Time Limits on Your Study Sessions

Your mind mimics a sponge. Once you absorb a set amount of knowledge any excess spills out, similar to how an oversaturated sponge spills water. Stop forcing yourself to study for 10 hours daily while you work a full time job. Overdoing it leads to burnout, sickness and poor grades. Set time limits on study sessions to remain fresh, focused and confident in attacking your online course load. Nobody wins awards for working and studying like a mad man or woman. Check your ego at the door. Study intelligently, absorb your lessons effectively and pass your courses without having to visit the hospital due to a physical breakdown.

Take Good Notes

Taking good notes requires mental discipline but displaying your diligence improves your test scores dramatically. By remembering tidbits of information you can easily recall these nuggets during intensive, stressful exams. Prepared students deal with stress more effectively than students who do a poor job taking notes. Sit down to your online exams feeling calm and confident; record important notes to ace your tests.

Choose Your Ideal Study Environment

Listening to your favorite radio station divides your attention and adds study hours to your already busy day. Foolish online students study in loud, busy environments, moving their attention from 1 object to the next and effectively overloading their consciousness with extraneous information. Smart online students focus on their studies above all else, removing any distraction from their attention. Study in your bedroom or the local library to effectively retain lessons. Or maybe you can head to your basement if your children are causing a ruckus upstairs. Find your study sweet spot to get better grades online.

Take Frequent Breaks

By limiting your study sessions you remain fresh and focused. Dividing your study sessions into 30 or 40 minute sessions helps you develop laser-like focus to soak up your new found knowledge. Take frequent breaks to dodge lethargy and fatigue; even the most active person nods off after sitting and studying for 1 or 2 hours consecutively. Set a timer to notify you when your study mini session expires. Take a walk during your breaks, or maybe you can lie down for a few minutes if you feel fatigued. Each break helps to renew your energy and improve your concentration.

Slow Down

Desperate students plow through study sessions in a mad rush, rarely retaining any significant amount of information. Smart students read course materials line by line, slowly accumulating knowledge which improves their test scores. Slow down. Calm down.

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